A Better, More Appealing Leaf Boosts Nissan’s Fortunes Further

While all-electric vehicles have not yet become practical for every driver, the gap is starting to narrow. Even those who must commute a hundred miles or more each day can now sometimes consider buying an electric vehicle for that purpose.

The Nissan Leaf has been responsible for a considerable amount of this progress. As the single best-selling electric-only vehicle of all, it has found its way into more garages and driveways than any other model. With Nissan having made significant progress on the already popular Leaf in recent years, drivers have plenty more to look forward to.

Updates and Upgrades That Make the Leaf Even More Attractive

Nissan’s highly regarded engineers did a great job with the first iteration of the Leaf, and they have been busy ever since. Some of the upgrades that have been issued since the first Leaf rolled out nearly a decade ago include:

  • Improved battery capacity. Electric cars succeed or fail, in the eyes of many potential buyers, based on how far they can travel between charges. While some drivers might be content with traveling a couple of dozen miles daily, many more drivers around the world demand a lot more range. The easiest way to achieve this is by allowing a given vehicle to simply store more power, allowing its motor to do more work before the battery needs to be recharged. Nissan has been doing an excellent job of packing more power into each new version of the Leaf, and that has clearly paid off.
  • Better styling. Some of the first modern all-electric cars featured designs that put off many drivers. Since then, manufacturers have become better about marrying efficiency-boosting aerodynamics with looks that truly appeal. The Leaf has become a particularly fine example of this, with the newest versions of the car often garnering compliments on the basis of their visuals.

An All-Electric Vehicle for the Masses

When it was first introduced, the Leaf attracted praise for the well-rounded package it represented. Since then, it has become an even more appealing all-electric car in a number of important ways. As a result, the Leaf’s longtime popularity can be expected to persist well into the future.