Boss’s LS-1416 Laser Cutter Elevates Entry-Level Expectations

The very phrase “entry-level laser cutter” used to be a common source of frustration for business owners and others. While many recognized the value that a laser cutter could theoretically add to their own operations, the products that were actually available never really seemed to live up to this perceived level of potential.

Since then, the situation has improved greatly, with some truly impressive types of laser machinery now being widely available. Units that occupy a space a significant step up from the very bottom of the ladder often prove to be exactly what business owners had for so long been hoping for, as a particular boss laser review will make clear.

An Entry-Level Unit That Improves on the Competition in a Variety of Important Ways

Boss’s popular LS-1416 is not positioned as a solution for those who are seeking the lowest possible price of entry and nothing else. At the same time, it is a device that aims to deliver an unbeatable amount of value to a wide variety of potential buyers. It achieves this by including standard features and optional ones such as:

  • More work space. Many entry-level laser cutters keep their prices down by offering only a fairly limited amount of space in which to work. While that can be effective in terms of lowering material costs and the like, it often means that owning such a device ends up being less satisfying than might have been hoped. With a working area that stretches to nearly sixteen and almost fourteen inches along its two dimensions, the LS-1416 is a much more accommodating product in this respect.
  • More power. Other entry-level lasers also typically come up short with regard to the power they can take in and turn out. That can leave their owners feeling like certain projects are simply out of reach, which can bring the value of an entire investment into question. The LS-1416 goes above and beyond the competition here, as well.

A Better Choice for Just About Every Buyer

With the LS-1416 also being available in a huge range of configurations thanks to the many available options, specifying an especially suitable one should never be difficult, either. As a result, many who would formerly have been disappointed by the products available at the entry-level end of the market now end up being satisfied and more.