How to Maintain a Healthy and Clean Koi Pond With Constant Aeration

A koi pond adds a peaceful and natural touch to any size backyard. While ponds are a perfect place to admire, they can quickly become discolored and emit an unpleasant odor. Discover how to maintain a healthy and clean koi pond with constant aeration.

Keeping the Koi Comfortable

Fish need oxygen, clean water, and adequate space to survive. Putting too many fish in the pond can lead to dirty surroundings, reduce the available oxygen, and lead to dead fish. Never overfill the pond with fish and ensure the was is continually aerated so the koi can breathe.

What is Aeration?

Besides the need to absorb oxygen, a pond must also release carbon dioxide and other gases that are harmful to the koi. Aeration is the process of adding oxygen and helping to get rid of unwanted gases. Often a small waterfall or fountain and a koi pond aerator are used to circulate pond water, air, and gases properly.

At the Surface

When the pond water is still, without movement and aeration, it only exchanges gases at the top of the water. And while plants help oxygenate the water, too many plants have the opposite effect. It takes more than adding a few plants to the water to provide the right air supply for the fish to stay alive.

Going Deeper

The water at the bottom of the pond builds up debris and must be circulated to the top of the pond to eliminate unwanted elements. A bottom drain and a pond aerator are the two most effective way to properly circulate the pond water. And the hotter the water becomes, the less oxygen it will hold naturally, which is important to remember during the warmest months of the year.

Getting Rid of Odors

The water at the bottom of the pond is what causes it to become smelly. Aerating the water infuses oxygen that kills the bacteria forming on the bottom. Moving the water constantly with the use of a quality aerator helps reduce any odors.

Investing in a pond aerator keeps this yard fixture looking beautiful and eliminates noxious odors. Plus, an aerator helps fish live healthier, longer lives.