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Constructive Tips on how to Train your Dog on Oral Health

The canine friends you breed at home, the dogs, are often of the habit of getting chewing all that they may come across and as such as a dog owner you will need to be as creative on the dental chews that you can but for them to maintain the oral health. This article actually gets you some of the tips which will quite work great for you in order to control the chewing habits in the dogs and probably teach them constructive chewing.

Top in the list of steps to take so as to control this habit in the dogs is to have the home proofed of dogs. You are certainly going to benefit from the dog proofing the home as it is such a good and sure preventive step towards this need. For those with items in their homes or houses which they may not be able to move or relocate but still need to be proofed, you can think of using items like sprays of some deterring nature stopping the dogs from chewing them in any way and not wanting them any close by them so as to enable you have these items as well dog proofed.

Take control of the dogs chews by letting them learn the “drop” command and this is actually one of the very handy tips to ensure that you indeed have a control of the habits that the doggy engages in. This step is indeed quite handy where it comes to the need to stop the dog from chewing something they actually should not have in their mouth once they have been trained in it and have it mastered. In case you want to let the dog learn this command, you need to let the dog learn it by training it in firmness and not by yelling at it. The command is basically started out for training the dogs by allowing it ease of reach to a substance which would be luring them to have a chew of such as shoes and once you spot them trying their habit on the said item, you just say “drop” and then help the dog remove the substance from their mouth. With time as you continue in the training of the dogs in this line, you will be able to see the dog actually getting the actual meaning and what action to follow the “drop” command.

Thirdly, think of swapping the inappropriate items with the appropriate dog toys. When your dog has something for chewing that is not of the right kind, follow the drop command with getting them the recommended chew toys for dogs. The moment the dog stops gnawing on the inappropriate substance and starts chewing on the right substance as a step to ensure that they have actually mastered it and known that they are now doing the right thing, praise them for constructive chewing.

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