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Netgear Support Guide and Tips

When dealing with routers, many people have problems logging-in due to technical structural issues or log-in problems. If you are one of the many having issues logging-in to your router, then this article is best for you. The router and computer must be connected with the use of an Ethernet cable, and put an end in one of the router LAN ports, ensuring that both ends are secure. Once connected, check for the Internet LED to ensure it is lit on, and troubleshoot as indicated in the user manual. The LEDs for the LAN ports should be lit, and try to move the cable to a different port if they are not lit up. There should also be a lit on the LED of the Ethernet adapter. If your Ethernet was not made by Netgear, you can contact the direct manufacturer.

Inspect to see if your computer is connected to your router by selecting start, run, and type ping or and if your computer is not connected once a message appears saying “Request timed out”. Make sure that proxies are not ongoing or enabled by using Internet Explorer, choose Tools then Internet Options, Connections, and LAN Settings, ensuring that the field that says “use a proxy serever for your LAN…” is unchecked. Deleting offline contents is important to clear any previous router login page by selecting tools, internet options, delete files and delete all offline content, then click ‘OK’. Try to also access the internet using a different computer or browser. Reboot your router and check if it connects and allows you to log-in. If all else fails, you can restore the factory default settings of your Netgear home router and enter the default username and password.

For changing the WiFi password or SSID, the default username (admin) and default password which is ‘password’. Enter the new username and password on the home page under ‘Wireless’ on the Name or SSID field and Network Key field. You can view the available wireless network if your computer disconnects from the wireless network by entering the new WiFi password or network key. Netgear highly recommends enabling password recovery if you are changing the password for the router user name admin. This password recovery process is supported by Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer browsers but not Safari. If the password recovery is enabled, you are prompted to enter the serial number that is found on the product label.

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